KOLT Tutoring Center offers free individual tutoring services to all Koç University students. Click here to view schedule.
About Tutoring Center

The KOLT Tutoring Center offers free, individual tutoring services on a drop-in basis to all Koç University students. We operate with a first-come, first-served policy. Students do not need to make an appointment.

Extensive tutoring hours are available for common core courses such as calculus, physics, chemistry, psychology, basic and advanced academic writing, basic commuter programming, and program courses for all levels. KOLT also offers large group review sessions to help students prepare for midterm and final exams. KOLT study halls, available for high-demand courses, provide an open working space for students to tackle class-specific assignments and exam preparations with close access to an on-duty, supervising tutor.

Tutoring services are offered only for courses with faculty approval, and instructors have executive control over the specific forms of support they permit KOLT tutors to offer their students.

KOLT tutors are nominated by or selected in cooperation with faculty. To be eligible to serve as a tutor, they must have received an A+ / A / A- in the course and have strong communication skills. Please visit our “How to Become a Tutor” page to learn more about serving as a tutor at KOLT.

Please view our current schedule to find a tutoring session that suits your needs.

If you are a faculty member wishing to receive tutoring for your course, please contact KOLT at kolt@ku.edu.tr.

If you are a student who needs assistance in a course not currently covered by the Tutoring Center, please stop by LIB Z06 to meet with KOLT staff and make arrangements for tutoring support.

Students and faculty can also call the KOLT office (0212) 338 1755 or email kolt@ku.edu.tr for additional assistance.

Why Attend the Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center offers “peer help” or “peer learning” for students. Students enhance their learning by sharing their ideas with others and participating in activities in which they can learn from their peers. The ability to work collobratively with others, give and receive feedback, and evaluate their own learning skills can be developed by participating in peer learning activities.

How to Attend the Tutoring Center

KOLT Tutoring Center will officially open remotely on Monday, 21st of February and continue face-to-face as of February 28.

KOLT tutoring sessions will be held face-to-face but in accordance with the hybrid model, tutors will be accessible online via Zoom.

  • Please check the KOLT cubicle for that sessions and visit KOLT.
  • You can also join the links in schedule directly.

Tutors will be available according to the schedule provided in the link. Tutoring services are available on a first-come first-served basis. The tutor will be available during the time period stated in the schedule. If you cannot reach the tutor during the time period stated in the schedule, please send an email to kolt@ku.edu.tr.

  • You can view our current tutoring schedule. Please log in with youe KU email to see schedule, or you can visit the link.

Up-to-Date Schedule

KOLT offers hybrid tutoring services for courses, allowing students who cannot come to the tutoring center in person to access our support services remotely. Students can join both face-to-face  and a live communication session with on-duty tutors via Zoom. Our e-tutoring sessions are available via Zoom an online meeting platform that enables video calls and screen-sharing experiences across multiple devices without the need to download additional software or applications.

Spring 2022 Tutoring  Schedule

Please find the up-to-date Spring 2022 tutoring schedule by clicking here (log in with your KU e-mail).

  • Visit KOLT to attend face-to-face sessions at scheduled time.
  • To attend remotely, please call tutors on Zoom during their posted tutoring hours or join the shared link.

How to Become a Tutor

KOLT tutors are nominated by or selected in cooperation with faculty. To be eligible to serve as a tutor, they must have received an A+ / A / A- in the course and have strong communication skills. Please consult professor of the course to serve as a tutor. 

If you are interested in serving as a tutor, please contact KOLT to express you interest by emailing kolt@ku.edu.tr or stopping by our office (LIB Z06).