KOLT Workshop: ACT of Teaching: Rhythm and Props on the Stage

About the Speaker: Cemile Ceren Sönmez is an Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology, at College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Koç University. Her research program focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions that significantly contribute to the global burden of disease: depression, anxiety, and somatic-symptom disorders called common mental disorders (CMDs), as well as suicidal thoughts and behaviours. I conduct research with vulnerable or underserved adult populations, such as low-income mothers. I examine the social and biological correlates as well as mechanisms involved in the onset and maintenance of CMDs and suicidal behaviour. 


Description: This workshop is intended to enrich our toolboxes as teachers, by inspiring the mindful performer within us. I will be drawing upon my experiences with stage acting and the principles of a behavioural therapy approach, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

When: February 11 at 01:00 PM

Where: Zoom