Support for Incoming Faculty

Koc University welcomes a number of new members of faculty each year. KOLT offers customized workshops in order to help familiarize new faculty with the learning and teaching environment at Koc University. KOLT also provides the following services to facilitate the adaptation of new faculty to Koc University:

  • designing a course,
  • preparing a syllabus,
  • planning effective lectures,
  • planning student assessment strategies,
  • actively engaging students in the classroom, and
  • maintaining student civility in the classroom.

KOLT New Faculty Training Program

Since Fall 2022, KOLT offers a distinctive two-day program designed specifically to support new faculty members and make them familiar to KU teaching and learning environment. The program includes workshops, seminars, and panels to introduce state-of-art pedagogies about course design, preparing a syllabus, assessment tools, course material development, student engagement, and integration of technology and AI tools. KOLT also provides consultation sessions and conduct classroom observations as well as set follow-up meetings to improve the quality of new faculty members’ teaching practices.

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Previous Training Programs for Incoming Faculty
You can find detailed information about the training programs that we organized within the last three years. 
Please view our calendar to reach up-to-date information about our workshops.

Title Date Presenter(s)
How to Encourage Attendance & Participation in Courses September 27-28, 2022 Ferah Özer, Ph.D.
Seminar: Dersler Ölü Değildir, Mükemmel Dersler için Etkili Stratejiler October 25, 2022 Ecevit Bilgili, Ph.D.
Defining the Future of Universities through Learning Innovation December 20, 2022 Yakut Gazi, Ph.D.
Psychological First Aid in Traumatic Experiences February 15, 2023 Nedret Öztan, Ph.D.
First Day of Class After Trauma February 22, 2023 Cemile Ceren Sönmez, Ph.D.
AI (Artificial Intelligent) Technologies and Their Impact on Education March 17, 2023 Aykut Erdem, Ph.D.

Gözde Gül Şahin, Ph.D.

Inge Uytterhoeven, Ph.D.

Gülfer Göze, Ph.D.

To Resist, or Not to Resist?: ChatGPT Conversations March 24-31, 2023 Neriman Kuyucu, Ph.D.

Ferah Özer, Ph.D.

Kamuran Osmanoğlu, Ph.D.


Title Date Presenter(s)
Using Active Learning in Stem Classes December 2, 2021 Z. Yasemin Kalender, Ph.D.
ACT of Teaching: Rhythm and Props on the Stage February 11, 2022 Cemile Ceren Sönmez, Ph.D.
Formative Assessment February 25, 2022 Ferah Özer, Ph.D.
Writing in Discipline: Embedding Writing Assignments in Course Design March 18, 2022 Ferah Özer, Ph.D.
Writing Exam Questions to Assess Higher Order Thinking April 8, 2022 Ferah Özer, Ph.D.
How to Write Good Prompts May 13, 2022 Kamuran Osmanoğlu, Ph.D.
What we teach? Why we teach? How we teach? June 23, 2022 Tarık Tihan, Ph.D.

Nazan Canbulat, Ph.D.


To watch previous workshop video-recordings, please visit KOLT Faculty Blackboard page: