About Academic Skills Workshops

KOLT offers a series of seminars and workshops to improve students’ learning skills and to equip them with effective strategies to succeed in higher education.

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UNIV 101 seminars are intended for students in the first year of their undergraduate education at Koç University. KOLT contributes both online and face-to-face workshops to Koç University’s selection of UNIV 101 offerings.


  • Becoming a University Student (Turkish and English versions available)
  • Plagiarism (English)


  • Setting Strong Goals
  • Time Management
  • Effective Reading
  • Taking Better Notes
  • How to Prepare for an Exam in the Social Sciences (for ALL Majors!)


  • Teamwork
  • How to Read
  • How to Take an Exam

Academic Skills Workshops Spring 2023

The KOLT Academic Skills Workshops aim to equip you with effective academic strategies to succeed in higher education. In Spring 2023, KOLT delivered the following workshops for Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  • Academic Motivation (English)
  • Digital Reading (English)
  • Study Habits (Both Turkish and English)
  • Time Management for Academic Life (Both Turkish and English)
  • How to Read Academic Texts (English)
  • How to Study for STEM (English)
  • How to Deal with Procrastination (Both Turkish and English)

Starting on 23rd February, the workshops are going to take place on Zoom. For each workshop, KOLT has organized sessions with limited seats.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/JrsvRCynvbfxVW2z6