KOLT Assessment Workshop Series for KU Faculty Members Continue

Workshop #3: Writing Questions/Items to Assess Higher-Order Thinking

About the Speaker: Dr. Ferah ÖZER works at Koç University Office of Learning & Teaching as a Learning Experience Designer. Her research focuses are science education, continuing professional development (CPD) programs, 21st century skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, skill assessment, scientific inquiry and nature of science. She published many of her scholarly work in internationally recognized scientific journals in the field.

Description: Test questions/items are generally limited to questions targeting only to measure learning on basic levels of thinking (e.g., remembering, understanding). This workshop is designed to help faculty members about how to design multiple-choice tests, short-answered and open-ended items that can capture students’ higher-order thinking skills (e.g., application, analysis, synthesis, etc.) based on specific learning outcomes.

Target Audience: Faculty Members

Duration: 1 hour

When: April 8 at 01:00 PM

Where: Zoom