KOLT Workshop for Faculty Members: “How to Write Good Prompts”

KOLT Workshop: “How to Write Good Prompts” by Kamuran Osmanoğlu, Ph.D. – Academic Writing Program

About the Speaker: Kamuran Osmanoğlu is a Lecturer at the Academic Writing Program at Koç. He received his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Kansas. Before joining Koç, he taught philosophy at the University of Kansas and Bilkent University. He has multiple years of experience in teaching writing to professionals and researchers from different disciplines. He continues his research in philosophy of (social) science, philosophy of mind, and ethics of technology.

Description: There is a tight relationship between how successfully students will complete assignments and how well professors explain the requirements of the assignment. Therefore, creating clear, well-organized, and scaffolded assignments is important for students to become better thinkers and writers. One of the strategies to improve the quality of the assignments is to prove students with clear prompts. In this workshop, we will discuss bolts and nuts of prompt writing to write clearer prompts, and then we will work on prompt examples from different disciplines to have a better understanding about the requirements of successful prompt writing.

Target Audience: Faculty Members

Duration: 1 hour

When: May 13, 2022 at 01:00 PM

Where: Zoom