KOLT Academic Skills Workshops continue with new workshops

The KOLT Academic Skills Workshops aim to equip you with effective academic strategies to succeed in higher education. In Fall 2021, KOLT has delivered the following workshops for Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  • How to Take an Exam of STEM Courses

The workshops took place on 9, 14,15, 16, 17 December. KOLT has organized four sessions with limited seats.

Workshop Description:

Preparing for exams is a tiring and intense process. Especially in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM) courses, it is necessary to know how to study for exams and to approach problems.

As the finals approach, we would like to offer you a few suggestions to make this process more efficient.

Participating in the workshop “How to Take an Exam of STEM Courses”, which is about how you should study before the exam and what points you should pay attention to during the exam, can be a good opportunity to get higher grades.