KOLT organizes conversation circles  and reading & writing circles to improve graduate students’ language skills. All circles are limited to 7 students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are required to sign up each week for their preferred time slot.

The aims of conversation circles are:

  • To improve students’ speaking and comprehension skills
  • To help students practice conversational English and other languages in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • To facilitate communication and enhance learning and teaching in the international environment
  • To develop TA’s confidence while speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • To decrease students’ anxiety about speaking English and other languages in social situations.

Reading and writing circles aim to improve the following skills:

  • reading academic and non-academic materials
  • reading comprehension
  • correct use of grammar and vocabulary
  • writing correct sentences in English
  • paraphrasing
  • organizing good paragraphs and essays

Please click to see up-to-date schedules for Conversation Circles and Reading & Writing Circles.