KOLT Class Observation Procedure

Getting feedback through class observation is a widely used pedagogical tool for improving day-to-day teaching. KOLT can help instructors get observation feedback through class visits.

KOLT Class Observation Procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Pre-observation Meeting: Before the observation session, KOLT Director and/or Manager will interview the instructor, share the observation form, and discuss it. The aim of this pre-observation session is to give the instructor a sense of familiarity with the procedure and include any additional requests (or exclude any) on the form that may be of importance for the instructor. During the observation session, KOLT staff takes notes on the pre-determined form.
  2. Observation: KOLT staff will visit the class with the pre-determined form and take notes without affecting the classroom dynamics (comes to class early, leaves after it ends and sits at the back to avoid any distractions). Major teaching issues as well as special requests of the instructor will be the focus of the observation.
  3. Consultation (Post-observation Meeting): After the session, KOLT staff sends a report to the instructor and if necessary, the instructor can make an appointment for a detailed consultation session. During a one-on-one consultation, the instructor will receive targeted feedback addressing the positive aspects of the class hour and will receive support targeting the areas that appear to need improvement.
    Through observation and consultation, instructors are able to evaluate their own teaching from an outsider’s perspective. If requested by the instructor, the class can be video recorded so that it can be later viewed by the instructor for self-evaluation as well.

Please send an e-mail to kolt@ku.edu.tr to learn more about these services.