What is KOLT TIG?

Every semester, KOLT provides Teaching Innovation Grants to the faculty members who would like to experiment with any of the following items:

  • Preparing a new COURSERA course (a massive open online course);
  • Course design that uses educational technologies (course videos, online quizzes, clickers, vPads, wikis, blogs, podcasts, e-portfolios and social media) to develop online supplementary course resources, online assessment methods, collaborative activities on Blackboard or Moodle (Koç University Learning Management Systems);
  • Course design that promotes “flipped classroom” by using Blackboard or Moodle;
  • Joint teaching projects within Koç University or with external partners to start interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary faculty collaboration;
  • Course design that promotes active learning and critical thinking;
  • Curriculum enhancements by faculty from different departments: qualitative and quantitative evaluation (survey, focus groups, interviews and observations) of courses in terms of learning outcomes, content, delivery and assessment to strengthen the link among sequence of courses;
  • Any innovative solution to the problems raised in the mid-semester course evaluation of the faculty applying for the grant.

Each semester, we support up to 6 proposals.

Celebrating Teaching Innovations

KOLT organizes showcase events to celebrate teaching innovations at Koç University.  You can follow our events from this page.