KOLT is commited to achieve excellence in teaching at Koç University.


Excellent teaching guides students through a process in which knowledge is evaluated, synthesized and produced. Excellent teaching motivates the students to solve problems and learn more about the world, and to help them become self-regulated learners.

KOLT helps the faculty in their journey to achieve excellence in teaching by offering various regular or on-demand services.

These services consist of teaching workshops, course evaluations, help for course design and redesign, integration of advanced technologies into lectures and individual consultation. Each academic year KOLT welcomes international experts from prestigious universities or higher education associations to benefit from their experiences and follow new trends in higher education abroad.



Director’s Welcome

Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) is dedicated to supporting students, TAs, and faculty at Koç University (KU). It is the goal of KOLT to continually improve the learning environment at KU for academic success.

KOLT Brunch Workshop: My Teaching Experiences at KU (5)

Each spring semester, Koç University offers Outstanding Teaching Awards at the College/School and University levels to recognize outstanding performance in classroom teaching, and intellectual contribution to the teaching and learning processes.

KOLT organizes workshops with the recipients of Outstanding Teaching Awards to foster sharing of teaching experiences and good practices.

KOLT Workshop – Supporting Critical Thinking across the Disciplines: Methods for Student-Centered Teaching

In this session, participants will explore what “critical thinking” means in their fields of study and pedagogy; consider how critical thinking is manifested in students’ work; and learn perspectives and classroom methods—including a focus on certain kinds of writing—for enhancing students’ critical thinking.

Proposals for the KOLT Spring 2017 Teaching Innovation Grants are being until January 25, 2017!

Proposals for the KOLT Spring 2017 Teaching Innovation Grants are still being accepted! Please send your Teaching Innovation Grant proposals until January 25, 2017.


My teaching experiences at Koç University

ASSOC. PROF. MURAT USMAN College of Administrative Sciences and Economics
Koç University Outstanding Teaching Award, 2014

Teaching is hard work. You may not always feel that your efforts are appreciated. But don’t give up. The effort and good thoughts you put into your teaching will have a great positive impact on the lives of your students. Nothing gets lost, everything is transformed; or as the late Andy Rooney once remarked, “Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” Well if not thousands then a few hundred. That is not too bad.

Prof. BURAK ÖZBAĞCI Faculty of Science, Mathematics
Koç University Outstanding Teaching Award, 2013

I believe that lecturing in some way resembles being on stage or being in a TV show. This is why I try to make every class unique and engaging. I also look the students in the eye to figure out whether they follow the course or not. Upon decoding their behaviors, I sometimes slow my pace down and end up covering fewer topics than I intended. The most important thing is being apt to communicate with people who sit there in the class (and with the ones who sit there because they have to).