Teaching Online Courses at Koç University

KOLT Online Faculty Training Course for Fall 2020

This online training package consists of six consecutive modules. It is quite concise but full of valuable resources; here, you can find everything you need to support your teaching in Fall 2020. We highly recommend that you go through each module, read and watch the KOLT and external resources at your own pace and at your own convenience, use the ready-made templates, and review the available educational technologies at Koç University (KU) to design your course for Fall 2020. Once you create your course, especially with the course design process that we recommend here, it may become easier to adapt its delivery to different or mixed modalities of teaching.

Recorded Webinar: KOLT Training for Online Teaching with Blackboard and Panopto(English/Turkish)

Recorded Webinar: KOLT Training for Online Teaching with Blackboard Test Tool (English)

Online Teaching Tips (Frequently Asked Questions about Online Teaching)

We have a new track-it system for online learning. Please send all your inquiries about online learning to: elearning@ku.edu.tr.

This page presents the steps that you may follow when you start teaching blended and online courses at KU.

Please click on READ or WATCH to reach the linked documents and videos to learn more about each step.

I. Sharing course materials (slides, class notes, videos, assignments, etc.)

You have two options: F-Drive and Blackboard. Read our guidelines or watch our videos on how to use F-Drive or Blackboard.

A. F-Drive (If you have no prior experience with Blackboard, share your course materials via F-Drive, because it is the easiest and quickest way to do so.)

1. How to reach F-Drive: Read

2. How to upload your materials to F-Drive: Read

B. Blackboard

1. About Blackboard and how to login : Read/Watch

2. How to start and navigate in Blackboard: Read/Watch

3. How to add course content and materials: Read/Watch

4. How to Copy a Course in Blackboard: Read

5. How to Change Course Dates in Blackboard: Read

II. Creating a course video

You can create your course videos in two ways. You can either add a voice to your PowerPoint slides or use the Panopto system to record your desktop, your voice and yourself (if you wish).

1. How to add voiceover to your course slides: Read

2. How to record your course videos via Panopto

   •  About Panopto: Read

   •  How To Integrate Panopto into Your Blackboard Course: Read/Watch

   •  How to Use the Panopto Recorder: Read/Watch

   •  How to Edit a Video: Read

   •  How to Trim a Video: Read&Watch

   •  How to Add a Quiz to a Video: Read&Watch

   •  How to Create a Panopto Assignment Folder in Blackboard: Read

III. Integrating interactivity

1. How to use Tests and Quizzes in Blackboard: Read

2. Question Types in Blackboard: Read

3. How to use Discussion Boards in Blackboard: Read

IV. Grading

1. About Grade Center in Blackboard: Read

2. How to create and add assignments: Read/Watch

3. How to create and use a rubric: Read

4. How to grade an assignment: Watch

5. How to use Turnitin in Blackboard: Read

V. Teaching a live (synchronous) course


Links to Documents


How to start Panopto Webcast: Read

Microsoft Teams




Comparison chart


(*)Before making a choice about a platform for teaching a live class, please read the following items:

  • For recording a course video (video recording of asynchronous teaching), we highly recommend the use of Panopto or Microsoft Teams. 
  • For conducting a live class (real-time/synchronous teaching), we highly recommend the use of Microsoft Teams, as Panopto has approximately one minute latency (students can follow you with a short delay; e.g. when they write their questions on the chat window, you will see it with a delay). 
  • Zoom for live teaching is available to all classes with less than 100 participants with 40-minute session duration limitation. If your class size is larger than 100 or sessions will be longer than 40 mins you can ask for an extended Zoom Edu license by submitting a Trackit request. Alternatively, you can use Panopto or MS Teams without any license restrictions. When you apply for a Zoom Pro license, please e-mail to both elearning@ku.edu.tr trackit system and the dean of your college/school/institute to get approval. 

VI. Online Teaching Tips at Koç University

1. How can I start?
Start with your course learning outcomes.
Learning outcomes are the key in online teaching as well as face-to-face teaching. Be specific about your course learning outcomes and think about how to facilitate students’ achievement in an online environment. Your choice of online tools and platforms should be driven by your course learning outcomes. Read more

2. Teaching in Corona Times: Start Teaching Online

Isn’t it ironic? Two to three weeks ago, we were rushing from A to B on our campus, queuing for food or coffee, but now we are in our homes and getting ready for a big battle—the battle for online education. This sudden and forced change in our lives has pushed all schools and universities to find a way to ensure the continuity of instruction. Read more