Projects and Research

KOLT has started to engage in research and project activities to create more impact and disseminate the results of best practices in teaching and learning in higher education. The following research and project activities have been completed and presented so far:



Using mid-semester course evaluation as a feedback tool for improving learning and teaching in higher education.

This study describes how the mid-semester course evaluation process can be used as a feedback tool for improving the quality of teaching and learning at an institutional level. Through a longitudinal analysis of 341 mid-semester course evaluation reports, positive areas and areas of concern with respect to learning and teaching were identified, and changes in student evaluations over the years were examined meticulously to make an overall evaluation of the quality of learning and teaching at a non-profit Turkish university. This research showed that the value of mid-semester course evaluations can go beyond course-level if we use open-ended questions and are able to gather the reports together to make some comprehensive analysis at university level.

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  Examining graduate teaching assistants’ conceptions of and readiness for effective teaching in a non-profit Turkish university.

This study aimed to explore graduate teaching assistants’ (GTAs) perceptions of and readiness for effective teaching in higher education before and after attending an effective teaching training programme that was followed by a short term teaching experience. The study sample consisted of 62 GTAs who participated in an effective teaching training programme in a non-profit Turkish university.

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Use of Team-Based Learning in a Nursing Leadership Course: An Action Research Study

Team-based learning (TBL) is a learner-centered method widely used in health sciences education. The aim of this action research study was to determine the contribution of TBL to the learning experience of students participating in a nursing leadership course. The study was conducted in 2 cycles over 2 semesters, and TBL was embedded in regular class hours. Results suggest that TBL made positive contributions to student learning.

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Sozer, M., Zeybekoglu, Z. & Cagan, F. (2015). The use of information technologies among Turkish university students. Poster session presented at 9th International Technology, Education and Development (INTED) Conference, Madrid, March 2-4.


Sozer, M., Zeybekoglu, Z. & Alayli, A. (2014). The effects of training program on graduate teaching assistants’ self-efficacy beliefs for teaching. Poster session presented at International Conference on Educational Development (ICED) Conference, Stockholm, June 16-18.






KOLT worked with a group of faculty members from School of Nursing to evaluate simulation program used in Intensive Care Course. The study was published online in March/April 2015 issue of Nurse Educator.

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Invited Talks, Panels and Presentations


Thérèse Zang (EUA), Martina Skulteti (University of Hamburg), Zuhal Zeybekoglu (Koç University)

Quality assurance processes and learning & teaching strategies: how to use the ten European principles for the enhancement of L&T in QA contexts.

Workshop, 13th European Quality Assurance Forum Vienna, 15-17 November, 2018.

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Arkun, E. (2016). Preparing TAs for the Classroom: Transition from Student to Instructor. 41st Annual Conference of The Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education. Louisville, Kentucky. November 11.

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Sozer, M. (2015). Use of new teaching methods and educational technologies to enhance higher education. Panel at 17th Academic Informatics Conference, Eskişehir, March 5.


Esen, E. (2015). English and the internationalization of the classroom. Panel at the Forum on Education Abroad, New Orleans, March 25-27.


Cagan, F. (2015). Koc University’s vision to bring a better education experience to life with Blackboard managed hosted learn implementation. Presentation at Innovate and Educate, Teaching and Learning Conference, Liverpool, April 16-18.
Int Unı_0 KOLT took over an ongoing European Union Erasmus project which was previously coordinated by an ELC instructor at Koc University level. Entitled “The Challenges of the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space in the International University”, the project aims to identify the quality criteria that should characterize teaching and learning in multilingual and multicultural learning space and to develop recommendations for Higher Education institutions in their implementation. KOLT Coordinator attended the partner meeting which was held in Lisbon in November 2015.