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For Student Tutors

Tutoring at KOLT
  • Tutors come to KOLT three times a week for 75 minute blocks.
  • Tutoring Center Schedule is determined in respect to our tutors’ weekly programs.
  • KOLT tutoring prioritizes the development of independent learning skills in students to help them to be self-directing learners and expects tutors to perform their tutoring in line with KOLT’s priorities.
  • KOLT tutors should assume the role of facilitator, peer learner, teacher and employee and act properly and diligently to fulfill their responsibilities regarding each role.
How to Be a Tutor
Tutor Qualifications:
  • Students should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and must have received a grade of “A-“ or above in the course(s) they will tutor, or in comparable courses.
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Students must agree to abide by all University Policies
  • Students should be well qualified to communicate their knowledge in the field.
Tutor Application:
  • Please make your applications for Tutorship position at KOLT Tutoring Center through Work and Study program.
  • If it is the first time you are applying for a tutorship position, please send an email to stating the course you want to be the tutor of, the grade you received and the semester you took the course a month before the academic semester begins.
Tutor Selection:
  • After tutor have applied we will get their approval from the department chair and/or proffessor for the courses they wish to tutor.
  • Selected tutors will sign a tutor contract and attend tutor orientation.