Univ 101 Seminars

As a part of newcomer students’ seminars within the framework of the UNIV 101 program, KOLT launched a set of new seminars in addition to the small group student workshops that are offered on demand. KOLT UNIV 101 seminars intends to present newcoming students knowledge and skills that they can easily adapt to their own college life.

In 2015, KOLT has designed two online UNIV 101 seminars.

Being a College Student:

KOLT’s seminar entitled “Being a College Student” aims to give newcomer students of Koç University preliminary knowledge about academic life. Our seminar is composed of nine different chapters (episodes) and it takes about 45 minutes for students to complete the seminar.


KOLT’S online seminar entitled “Plagiarism” aims to give Koç University students knowledge both about Plagiarism and reference styles. Our seminar is composed of 4 different modules and it takes about 40 minutes for students to complete the seminar. Students who can successfully complete our seminar have the opportunity to get a seminar certificate.

Previously held UNIV 101 Seminars

Farewell to Highschool Welcome College Life:

This workshop designed to present students how to set explicit goals for their entire academic and professioal life and how to avoid procrastination by managing time effectively. You can see some examples of group work posters produced by students participated in this workshop at different times.


Oh, No! I have a presentation!

In this workshop has the students the opprtunity to practice getting ready for a presentation under time constraint and delivering effective presentations.

Exam Workshop:

This workshop aims to familiarize students with effective strategies for taking an exam. The workshop especially targets students studying in social sciences. However, students taking elective courses from Arts and Humanties can also get benefit from this workshop.

UNIV101 First Step into Koc University

Never Mind. I Will Do it Later! This seminar aims to create an awareness of the undesirable consequences of  procrastination on their daily and academic life. The participants also improve their peer collaboration skills by doing small group exercises during the seminar.

I Have A Lot to Do and No Time The seminar aims to help the students plan and use their time effectively to fulfill their commitments as a student, a member of their family and community. The seminar teaches time management strategies to show the students how to save time for their social activities without risking their academic performance

How Can I Use This Information in Real Life?

This seminar aims to make students familiar with the types of learning and teaching that they will experience as a KU student. The students practice how to analyze a problem that is immediately relevant to their lives by linking sources of information from a variety of different fields.

What is the use of a non-area elective?

The aim of this seminar is to broaden students’ perspectives about the elective courses that they may take to help them understand their present value and their value for their careers beyond graduation.