Conversation Circles

KOLT Conversation Circles aim to improve speaking and comprehension skills of students in the undergraduate program and the English Language College.

KOLT Language Circles provide an ideal opportunity for students to practice daily, idiomatic English or other languages in a relaxed, friendly environment. KOLT offers a variety of circle types, serving students across the university community.

KOLT offers English Conversation Circles and English Reading & Writing Circles at the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. All students are welcome at circles, including ELC and graduate students.

Conversation Circles in French, German, and Italian are also held once per week. Turkish circles are held twice per week.

All circles are limited to 6 students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are required to sign up each week for their preferred time slot.

Our aims:

  • To improve students’ speaking and comprehension skills
  • To help students practice conversational English and other languages in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • To facilitate contacts between students from different majors and help new students build a social network
  • To develop students’ confidence when speaking, reading, and writing
  • To decrease students’ anxiety about speaking English and other languages in social situations