Head Tutors

The KOLT Academic Tutoring Center Board of Tutors was established in Fall 2013 to support Tutoring Center. In Spring 2019 KOLT has appointed four head tutors to give organizational support to the Tutoring Center.

Head Tutors

Head Tutors are selected according to their previous experience at KOLT, their communication abilities and willingness to contribute to the improvement of the center. At the beginning of every semester, new appointments are made, or the durations of extant members may be extended.

Head Tutors facilitate constant communication between the tutors of the courses and the Board, and make sure the tutoring service is running smoothly and efficiently (in a way that many students are benefiting as approved by the courses’ instructors).

In case of a member graduating or stepping down, the Board runs the process of recruitment and pre-selection for the open position. Board carries out the final selection of new members together with KOLT Director and Manager.

Spring 2019 Head Tutors

Ali Barbaros Küçüknane

Eren Limon

İpek Tuncel

Merve Öztürk

The duties of the KOLT Board of Tutors are:

1.Duties concerning tutor recruitment and selection:
  • Assisting KOLT in determining the courses that tutoring will be offered for,
  • Reviewing student applications to the KOLT Tutoring Center based on the criteria KOLT has set,
  • If necessary, observing the candidates explaining a topic or solve a question and advise KOLT on the performance of the candidates,
  • Assisting to the preparation of the tutoring center schedule.
2.Duties concerning tutor orientation, training and evaluation:
  • Communicating with the instructor(s) or coordinator of the course for which tutoring will be offered,
  • Conducting tutor orientations,
  • Planning and developing the trainings that will be given to tutors at the beginning of and throughout the semester,
  • Carrying out practices such as role-playing and microteaching during these trainings,
  • Assisting KOLT in evaluating the tutoring service.
3.Duties concerning the running of the tutoring center:
  • Following up every tutor throughout the semester,
  • Following exam (quiz, mid-term and final) dates for the courses and sending reminders (through e-mail and Facebook) to students of the courses that tutoring service is provided,
  • Following project and assignment deadlines of the courses,
  • Observing lessons, PSs or DSs if necessary,
  • Seeking instructor consent, setting up weekly or monthly group review sessions and/or pre-exam prep sessions and training and following up on the tutor who will be managing these sessions,
  • When necessary, conducting the weekly or monthly group sessions,
  • Detecting problems with the tutoring service and working towards eliminating the problems,
  • Getting feedback from tutors,
  • Assisting KOLT in the reporting of tutoring services.
4.Duties concerning the promotion of the tutoring center:
  • Participating in KOLT’s presentation to new students during the orientation program at the beginning of the academic year,
  • Setting up an information desk promoting KOLT during the orientation program for newcomer students and being active in the promotion,
  • Announcing the KOLT Tutoring Center services to Koç University students through various channels,
  • Running the Tutoring Center Facebook page,
  • Setting up KOLT Happy Hours twice and a KOLT Weekend once in a semester.