Mid-Semester Evaluation Protocol

The mid-semester evaluation protocol takes up 15 minutes, scheduled as the last 15 minutes of a regular class meeting. During these 15 minutes, we ask the faculty member to leave the room to facilitate anonymous candid feedback from the students. We ask the students to individually identify something that is going well for them in the course, identify something that they wish could be improved in the course, and add any additional comments they wish to communicate. Next, we conduct a large group discussion to identify shared opinions.

We then gather the student responses as well as our notes from the large group discussion and create a report of the feedback, which is shared only with the faculty member. The faculty member will receive this report within a few days of the feedback session and he/she is free to discuss this report with us, respond to it in any way by revising anything they see fit in the course. The report is strictly confidential and is not shared with any academic or administrative unit.

To schedule a mid-semester evaluation please click here and login to your KU account. If you see the permission request page, please click here. After logging to your KU account, try again.

Faculty and student perceptions of the effects of mid-course evaluations on learning and teaching by Whitney Ransom McGowan (A dissertation submitted to the faculty of Brigham Young)