New Faculty

2018-2019 KOLT Teaching Workshops for New-Coming Faculty

This training program consists of four half-day workshops offered by Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT). The workshops are designed to help new-coming faculty adapt to learning and teaching environment and facilitate networking and collaboration among faculty members from different departments. Please see the schedule of this year’s workshop program below.

Wednesday, September 12

Tower, 2nd Floor

09:00-12:00 Effective Teaching Tips and Good Practices
Murat Sözer, KOLT DirectorThis workshop provides new faculty with a toolkit for effective teaching.
The presenter will share various strategies and techniques for effective teaching.
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • distinguish effective teaching strategies and good practices from ineffective ones,
  • make an analysis of their strengths and areas of improvement as a teacher,
  • select teaching techniques that work best in delivering their own course,
  • get familiar with how to integrate educational technology items (learning management system, clickers, smart pads and tablets, lecture capturing and document camera that are available at KU) to enhance student engagement,
  • integrate publisher textbook resources (question banks, online quizzes, instant automatic feedback, videos of solved problems, …) to enhance learning, and
  • adapt recommendations and teaching experiences of faculty members who received outstanding teaching awards at KU.
14:00-17:00 Learning-Centered Course Design and Delivery 
Zuhal Zeybekoğlu, KOLT ManagerThis workshop aims to present the use of backward design method for (re)designing and delivering courses that maximize student learning through active participation and interaction. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • explain backward design process,
  • use backward design method to start (re)creating learning-centered courses, and
  • plan a 75-minute class that integrates a learning activity that focuses on students’ active participation and engagement.


Thursday, September 13

ENG Z27 (Active Learning Classroom)

09:00-12:00 How to Teach in Active Learning Classroom (ALC)
Murat Sözer, Zuhal Zeybekoğlu Deniz UzunosmanoğluALC is a unique classroom (ENG Z27 for up to 45 students) that is specifically designed to offer student-centered and technology rich learning environment at KU. This workshop will familiarize new faculty with the pedagogies and technologies that require effective use of ALC. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify the opportunities and challenges that ALC sets for student learning,
  • define 5 activities that can be effectively used in ALC, and
  • have hands-on practice in the use of technologies in ALC.
14:00-17:00 Blackboard Intro Workshop
Deniz Uzunosmanoğlu, KOLT Educational TechnologistBlackboard, one of the most popular learning management system (LMS) in the world, is used commonly by the instructors for the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students at Koç University. The aim of this hands-on workshop is to familiarize new faculty members with the use of Blackboard at KU.
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • recognize the interface and navigation on Blackboard,
  • recognize the course management panel,
  • add menu items, content (documents, web links, videos, etc.) and assessment tools,
  • create discussion forums,
  • send e-mails and make announcements to students, and
  • use the grade center, and grade students’ works.
Support for New Faculty

Koc University welcomes a number of new members of faculty each year. KOLT offers customized workshops in order to help familiarize new faculty with the learning and teaching environment at Koc University. KOLT also provides the following services to facilitate the adaptation of new faculty to Koc University:

  • designing a course,
  • preparing a syllabus,
  • planning effective lectures,
  • planning student assessment strategies,
  • actively engage your students in the classroom
  • integrating educational technologies into courses,
  • managing course page on Blackboard (learning management system)
  • deal with ethical violations,
  • maintain student civility in the classroom, and,
  • promote attendance.

Please visit VPAA’s website to read the details of academic rights and responsibilities of KU Faculty.