New Faculty

KOLT has been providing help new faculty their adaptation to learning and teaching environment at KU. Here are some areas where we may be most helpful:

  • planning a course,
  • preparing a syllabus,
  • planning effective lectures,
  • planning student assessment strategies
  • getting ready for class time,
  • motivate your students to learn,
  • deal with ethical violations,
  • actively engage your students in the classroom,
  • maintain student civility in the classroom, and,
  • promote attendance

Koc University welcomes a number of new members of faculty each year. KOLT participates in the orientation programs in order to help familiarize new faculty with the profiles of KU students, some common issues encountered by new faculty, some solutions to address those issues, and resources to facilitate the adaptation of the new faculty to teaching and learning at Koc University.

Please visit VPAA’s website to read the details of academic rights and responsibilities of KU Faculty.

Professional Development for Faculty

At Koç University we define professional development as a commitment to the continuous pursuit of high standards in teaching and research. KOLT has the mission of supporting faculty members to continuously improve their teaching to support student learning in their classes. KOLT offers a variety of programs to support the professional development of KU faculty. These programs include the teaching innovation grants, mid-semester course evaluation/feedback, workshops and seminars, video feedback sessions, and individual meetings with faculty. We try to reach a large number of faculty every semester.